when there’s nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire
[a Johanna/Finnick fanmix] DOWNLOAD

1. ANIMAL trails and ways [I change shapes just to hide in this place, but I’m still an animal]; 2. THE SPECTATOR the bravery [I was never even here at all]; 3. DULL LIFE yeah yeah yeahs [step slowly, you know that you fall between dark places]; 4. STRANGER johnny hollow [your grin I can lease for the angeryou know I’m filthy]; 5. BRIGHT MOUTHS electric president [we sneak into your closet and have dinner with the skeletons, we are the people you were warned about]; 6. I CUT LIKE A BUFFALO the dead weather [you know, she looks like a woman, but she cuts like a buffalo] ; 7. SONG OF IMAGINARY BEINGS iamx [her mother said that she couldn’t love]; 8. WHAT STARRY EYES KNOW neon hitch [I can tell just what you won’t, you don’t want to be alone]; 9. THE SEA exitmusic [rip your eyes out tonight, the whole nation sighs in stereo]; 10. TICK OF THE CLOCK the chromatics [instrumental]; 11. HEAVY WATER foals [we bully clouds now, to pass the time away]; 12. CHEMICAL FEVER (re-edit) emika [I know your reasons, I know your name]; 13. BLOODSTREAM (quartet session) stateless [I can feel you behind my eyes, you’ve gotten into my bloodstream]; 14. YOUR EX-LOVER IS DEAD stars [I’m not sorry there’s nothing to save].

made for Idrilka's fic "Wściekłość i Wrzask" at the Polish Multifandom Big Bang. 


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